Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Came Back Haunted

Don't call it a comeback.
We've been repossessed with a resurgence that's taken all of two years *and* the mandatory three days.

What to expect along with the clean slate:
`a significant amount of less idle, personal-diary chatter.
`86% more direct, straight-to-the-point reviews.
`50% less empty, political promises.
`a revamped and vastly improved proofreading system (I may actually start reading the bullshit I feed you folks, for a change....)

In any case, release the sirens and sound alarmed because this time we're doing things for realsies.
To rechristen and kick this little canoe off on its newfound journey, today we're smashing the 'like button' on Nine Inch Nail's 'Came Back Haunted' directly on the figurehead (for extra good luck, of course)!
From their Hesitation Marks album,

~Saw some things on the other side,
Made me promise to never tell~

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